HP Asphalt Cold Patch

A high performance �throw and go� cold patch, cold applied, single component permanent patching material used to repair spalls, potholes and cracks over 4cm (1.5�) wide.

HP Asphalt Cold Patch can be applied in cold wet conditions and requires no mixing, heating or special application

Just place in void right out of the bag and tamp down. Tamping and vehicle traffic increase the material bond and strength.

Please contact CrackSealing Australia Pty Ltd (QLD Distributors) for pricing.

NOTE: MSDS & PDS for this product will be supplied along with order.

HP Cold Patch Product Data Sheet (filesize approx 200Kb)

HP Cold Patch Material Safety Data Sheet (filesize approx 955Kb)

Value Adding

To our valued clients, in conjunction with Crack Sealing, we offer a High Performance Permanent Patch Repair, using HP Asphalt Cold Patch.