QWIKSEAL is a peel and stick pressure sensitive polymer modified asphalt product used as overband crack treatment for minor cracking in asphalt and concrete surfaces in cold to hot climates. QWIKSEAL is suitable for minor cracking up to 12.5mm (0.5") in width

QWIKSEAL is highly adhesive and flexible to resist cracking in the winter and tracking in hot climates

QWIKSEAL provides a flexible, traffic resistant overband crack filling installation suitable for minor repairs in highway, street, airfield and parking lot pavements

QWIKSEAL is installed by unrolling onto the pavement with the exposed adhesive side down, pressure rolling to secure in place, removing the release liner from the surface, and then lightly heating to secure in place

QWIKSEAL does not require melters or pumps for installation. Since QWIKSEAL is pre-sized, it is always installed in the correct geometry, without over or under application

QWIKSEAL is supplied in ‘tape’ form 6.35cm (2.5") wide and 1.6mm (1/16th ") thick in rolls 15.2m (50') long; with 5 rolls packaged in 18kg plastic pale

QWIKSEAL Product Data Sheet (filesize approx 85kb)

QWIKSEAL Material Safety Data Sheet (filesize approx 89kb)